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The third European Megalithic Studies Group Meeting was held from the 13th – 15th of May at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. It was organised during an early stage of the Priority Programme "Early Monumentality and Social Differentiation" (SPP 1400), a research collaboration financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The aim of the meeting was to both introduce this major research effort to the international community, as well as to situate the underlying agenda within the European context of Megalithic and Neolithic research. It thus brought together archaeologists working on the Neolithic monuments of Western, Northern and Central Europe.
The main topic of "Megaliths and Identities" assembles different approaches and an international spectrum of research traditions. In this volume, 20 articles have been included, grouped into three topical sections. The first is concerned with the identification of the monuments themselves, whereas the second section contains several articles dealing with the role of the monuments in the creation and re-creation of Neolithic social identities. A third group of papers addresses the question of social structures and their dynamics. Despite the variety of approaches, "Megaliths and Identities" presents a number of leitmotifs enlightening the current research into the interrelations between monuments and social formation.

Megaliths and Identities. Early Monuments and Neolithic Societies from the Atlantic to the Baltic. 3rd European Megalithic Studies Group Meeting 13th - 15th of May 2010 at Kiel University. Ed. by Furholt, Martin/ Lüth, Friedrich/ Müller, Johannes. 2011. 293 S., zahlr. (tls farb.) Abb., 30 cm. (Frühe Monumentalität u. soziale Differenzierung, 1) Pp

ISBN: 978-3-7749-3745-1

Bezug: Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt





Martin Furholt, Friedrich Lüth and Johannes Müller


Martin Furholt and Johannes Müller
The earliest monuments in Europe – architecture and social structures (5000 – 3000 BC)


Identifying Monuments

Timothy Darvill
Megaliths, monuments and materiality


Richard Bradley
Passage graves, statues and standing stones:
megaliths and social identities in prehistoric Scotland and Ireland


Muiris O ́Sullivan
Megalithic tombs and storied landscapes in Neolithic Ireland


Doris Mischka
Flintbek LA 3, biography of a monument


Chris Scarre
Stone people: monuments and identities in the Channel Islands


Monuments and Neolithic Identities

Martin Furholt
A virtual and a practiced Neolithic?
Material culture symbolism, monumentality and identities in the Western Baltic region


Magdalena S. Midgley
Who was who in the Neolithic?


Martin Hinz
Who for whom? Ritual architecture and the related population


Niels H. Andersen
Causewayed enclosures and megalithic monuments as media for shaping Neolithic identities


Karl-Göran Sjögren
Megaliths, landscapes and identities: the case of Falbygden, Sweden


Constanze Rassmann
Identities overseas? The long barrows in Denmark and Britain


Kerstin Schierhold
The Gallery Graves of Hesse and Westphalia: Expressions of different identity(ies)?


Sławomir Kadrow
Confrontation of social strategies? – Danubian fortified settlements and the Funnel Beaker monuments in SE Poland


Luc Laporte
Innate and/or expressed identities: Their conceptualization through monumentality, funerary practices and grave goods? Some examples from the megalithic tradition of western France


Monuments and Social Change

Serge Cassen, Pierre Pétrequin, Christine Boujot, Salvador Domínguez-Bella,
Mikaël Guiavarc’h and Guirec Querré

Measuring distinction in the megalithic architecture of the Carnac region: from sign to material


Philippe Chambon and Aline Thomas
The first monumental cemeteries of western Europe: the “passy type” necropolis in the Paris Basin around 4500 BC


Jan Albert Bakker
Is a social differentiation detectable in the TRB culture?


Johannes Müller
Ritual Cooperation and Ritual Collectivity: The social structure of the middle and younger Funnel Beaker North Group (3500 – 2800 BC)


Mike Parker Pearson with Christie Cox Willis
Burials and builders of Stonehenge: social identities in Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic Britain