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Megalithic Landscape South-Eastern Rugia

The island Rügen (Rugia) is located in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and  characterized by a heavily structured landscape and a rich archaeological material. Especially the southeast of the island has shown a strong concentration of megalithic thombs.
Based on historic maps it is possible to localize around 200 nowadays vanished thombs. The still existing 54 constructions display the disproportin of existing and non-existing megaliths in a very conspicious way.

The project aims on a reconstruction of ritual landscapes and settlement patterns, considering this disproportion, based on the application of spatial analysis. Within this projects, the relationship between megalithic thombs, settlements and other find categories of a clear defined area, will be analysed. Areas of settlement and burial places shall be determined and the potential relationships will be evaluated based on a landscapearchaeological approach.